Thursday, 30 August 2012

Duck & Waffle

Introducing my new favorite place Duck & Waffle...

Located a causal 40 floors up, this restaurant has unbeatable views of the city and a funky menu to add to it.
The journey itself up to duck and waffle gave me an adrenalin rush, perfect for all you thrill seekers out there. The elevator has glass walls and lets you look out over the city as you shoot up at ear popping speeds.

I couldn’t help my paranoid self from worrying what would happen in a fire. Like a professional pranger I did note the closest emergency exit on arrival (40 lovely flights of stairs).

The menu is exciting, different and definitely best suited to those who like adventurous food. Unfortunately there were not enough adjectives in our vocabulary for us to explain the food to each other. Every bite was followed with an ‘mmm, ahhh, ooo, yumm & our favourite... oooh that’s nice’.

So we started with..

Peas in the pod with Smoked Bacon and Eucalyptus: £3.50

Being the well educated girls that we are, we weren’t sure if we were meant to do the whole edamame thing and pop out the peas or we were meant to eat it like the old fashion sugar snap pea and just go for the whole thing. The eucalyptus was a little too overpowering for me but the bacon bits were on point.

Next came the BBQ Spiced Pig Ears: £4

Served in a brown paper bag you are told to rip it open and dig in.. ignore the odd pig hair..they add to the flavour.

Chip shop Cod Tongues: £4.50

I can confirm that cods tongues are not actually the tongues of a cod. Apparently (according to online research) they are a small muscle from the neck of the fish. 

And now for the mains... 

Dorset Scallops with Apple, Black truffle and Lime: £7

The scallops are served on a salt block where you are told to rub the scallop on and eat whole. 

Next came the restaurants signature dish and my favourite...

Duck & Waffle with fried egg & Mustard Maple Syrup: £12
(The picture does not do it justice).

Just WOW. We were all a bit sceptical about this dish but all the textures and flavours worked perfectly together. 

Octopus with Chorizo, Lemon & Caper: £9

Unfortunately, like any normal person I forgot to take a picture.

Roasted Burrata / Caponatta: £9

I’m still not entirely sure what was in this dish but it was delish. I want to guess that there was aubergine and tomatoes in the there under the melted mozzarella but I can’t confirm it. Regardless of what it was it was tasty.

Next came the Meatballs n’ Tomato Sauce with Garlic Bread: £9

Spiced Herdwick Lamb Cutlets with Smoked Aubergine: £9

Quail with Pancetta, Grelot Onion and Pickled Cherries: £10.50

British Seafood Pot Roast: £12.50

And then... if we weren’t already full enough.. came dessert!

Warm chocolate brownie with peanut butter icecream and crunchy caramel.

And finally the last dish was Eton Mess.

After eating all that food we had to face the lift of doom down with the worry that everything we just ate would come straight back up. However as I stood in the corner of a glass lift 40 floors in the air hanging on for dear life, I knew that if my life were to end I would have had the best last dinner ever. 

Duck and waffle will be a 24 hour restaurant by the end of the summer. So if you ever want to find me at 4 in the morning after a night out, I have moved. McDonalds I bid you farewell. It’s all about duck, waffle and fried egg.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Stroll

We spent last Sunday hungover wandering around Brick Lane Market.

First Stop: 

The Breakfast Club - St Albans. Great place serving vast options of all day breakfast from greek yogurt to breakfast burritos.

Bubble & Squeak waffle with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

One word of advice.. avoid the milkshakes...very watery with a hint a Nesquik!

Second Stop:

We popped in to Benets Of Cambridge for an ice-cream. Full of home-made treats, they're located on the corner of Brick Lane & Buxton Street.

Celeb Spotting...


Third Stop:

Then we walked through Brick Lane Market...

The perfect Sunday