Sunday, 26 January 2014

La Jolla life, San Diego

I jumped at the opportunity to spend a week over New Years with my parents in San Diego. It's sunny all year round, it's beautiful and the main reason - My fat alter-ego LOVES American food. And I can confirm I successfully gained 68 pounds.

La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) is in the north of San Diego and is paradise. I had this massive urge to buy a dog and jog up the beach with it to fit in with the locals.

Our apartment looked out over the pacific where wild sea lions chill out on the rocks. It's enchanting watching them play but boiii do they smell of fish. pongeyyy.

We started every morning with a walk along the promenade dreaming it was an everyday thing. If only it was....I would be tanned/skinny and very happy with life!

Spotted this little guy on one of our walks! Heyy there.

This is my dream home:

Yes....the garage has glass walls that looks over the ocean. 

The house opposite is my second choice.

After daydreams of life there we had breakfast on the roof and headed to Westfields UFC where I spent too much money in Victoria Secret's. Standard.

I have a weird obsession with food and VONS is my dream supermarket. It's an absolute pleasure shopping there. I scared a friendly new yorker away by telling him I wanted to live there. He didn't get my humour and just thought I was strange. Here are some of the things that excited me on our shop.

They have THE BEST condiment aisle


I couldn't resist adding a picture of this guy from the zoo

I'm going to post separately about the food. Because there is a lot of it. And it deserves its own post.

I'm soo ready to retire here... even writing this post is making me have itchy feet.