Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Burger & Lobster

A few weeks ago we decided to see what all the fuss was about and headed over to Burger & Lobster in Soho.

Burger & Lobster also have a restaurant in Mayfair and are currently building one in Farringdon.

The idea behind the restaurant is that you can pay £20 for either a Burger, Lobster or Lobster Roll. Jumping on the non-booking bandwagon you cannot book a table and it works on a first come first serve basis.

We arrived pretty early at around 6:30, we were told it would be a 40 minute wait and we could buy drinks at the bar.... after an hour of hanging around we were finally seated.

Between us we decided to try everything! 

The Lobster (aka Leroy)

Equipped with a lobster cracker and if you are lucky, a lobster bib, we tackled our way into the claws of the crustacean . The rest of the lobster is cut into  two halves to make everything a lot easier. I find lobster quite bland but the cracking open and fishing out the meat part was far more enjoyable than the taste. For the amount of time and effort put into fighting with the lobster the amount of meat you get to eat is disappointing.

However... the garlic butter it is served with is absolutely delicious.

Whilst tucking into our lobster we came across what I can only describe as black goo. After a thorough inspection by poking and sniffing we asked a waitress what the black gunge was. She informed us it was a delicacy in America (not too sure how she thought that this meant that it was okay! Dog is also a delicacy in China but you definitely won't catch me eating that). She also told us that the entire inside of the lobster was edible. We trusted our own judgement on this one and avoided it like the black plague it appeared to be.

After further research (Google), I can confirm that the black goo is the uncooked eggs of a lady lobster that hasn't moved down to the tail.

Sorry Leroy, you should have been called Leanne, but its too late now.

The Burger

Now.. I know what you're thinking. £20 for a burger?! You're having a laugh! I did feel the same - until I tasted it. When a restaurant is charging that much for a burger it has to be good, and it was. 
The burger came with cheese and bacon, the bun was also the perfect softness to surround the meat and the trimmings.

The Lobster Roll

The lobster roll was my personal favorite (considering I didn't like the lobster this is surprising).
I think the reason I preferred this is because it was mixed with mayonnaise and other yummy fatty sauces and it was a hearty meal. The roll is served cold.


I can't remember what this pot of delight was called but the bottom was runny salted caramel topped with chocolate moose and dark chocolate chunks on top. This was absolutely delicious but extremely filling, we only just managed to finish it between three of us!

Desserts cost £4 each.

Service is charged and included in the bill at 12.5%. We thought this was a lot but our waiter definitely worked for it.

Without making us sound like O.A.P's the music was a little loud and we found ourselves shouting over the table to each other.

Burger & Lobster is definitely worth visiting if only for the experience!