Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Zoo Project Festival

Last Summer 8 of us headed over for a week of fun and madness in Ibiza!

If you've been to Ibiza before you've probably been to or heard of Zoo Project. Zoo project is a day party in an old abandoned Zoo. Everyone makes an effort to dress up as animals and body paint is part of the excitement. (By dressing up i mean the majority of girls parade round in their animal print pants a bras).

For the first time Zoo Project Ibiza migrated to the UK.

Zoo Project Festival UK cost us only £45 for a Friday and Saturday night ticket due to a promotional code that was going around.... it would have been rude to say no! Ten of us headed over to Port Lympne Zoo in Kent which is where the festival was set and pitched up our tents (which took a good couple of hours) for a weekend of animal madness.

The festival was small but just right with around 3000 guests. It wasn't too big that we lost everyone and if someone forgot something, the tents were fortunately about a 5 minute walk away. There were 3 mains stages hosted by Cocoon Heroes, DJ Mag and Sasha's Never Say Never.

Included in the ticket was access to the Zoo which was again very close. We all pulled ourselves together on Saturday for a little wander around the Port Lympne Wildlife Park!

The festival had food vendors, body painters, oxygen bars, photobooths, shisha bars and rides, all very impressive considering the price of our tickets!

One word of warning.... Don't go on a ride right at the end of your night after you have had a few too many as you may end up being sick. Big round of applause to Georgie Moore who managed this. Unfortunately managing to spray a couple of the others on the ride in the process.

All of us pulling our best animal poses. Amazing views in the background though, taken in Port Lympne Animal Park.

Happy campers!

We all had a great weekend at Zoo Project Festival UK and hopefully will be returning for round two next year!