Thursday, 20 September 2012

GlossyBox - September 2012

I have officially been a member of Glossybox for one whole year now and although the majority of times I have been disappointed, I still cannot bring myself to end my subscription. Purely because I have FOMO. For those of you who don't know what this means, it is a fear of missing out. A fear of missing out on some cool new free samples I cannot live without... Someone please help me!

Glossybox costs £12.95 a month including packaging and you are given 5 surprise samples of beauty products... here is this months review of my Glossybox.

Lady Gaga - Fame Perfume Sample

Personally I am not a fan of Lady Gaga. I know everyone loves her for being different but this is what annoys me about her. I just don't have time for someone who wears slabs of uncooked meat as an outfit.

Regardless of this dislike for Gaga her perfume was actually really nice and light and I'm impressed with her choice of smell.

Wonder Eye Cream

Soothing, Brightening and Lifting your eyes. 

This handy eye cream will be great for Monday mornings. I'm not sure if it works that well but it does make my eyelids stick together and therefore hold them open!

Mahrabian Hair Oil

I am addicted to moroccan oil, I have very thin hair and it thickens it and makes it look like I have a lot more than I do. I have used this oil once, I put it in my hair when it was wet and it dried nice and glossy. It also smells amazing - like Joop the mens aftershave! I might consider moving brand...!

Vichy Idealia

This little pot of illuminating cream smell absolutely delicious.

I'm not sure how it works as a moisturizer but it made me want to eat my own face which can only mean good things.

Snake Serum & 5 Minute Facial

These 4 sachets came in an envelope. One of the downsides of Glossybox is that they always send me anti-wrinkle cream, without fail. I'm 22 years old and although I am aware of the phrase 'it's never to early', I really think Glossybox needs to give the wrinkle creams a rest!

I used the 5 minute facial yesterday, there was only just enough in the sachet to cover my face and it was a lot thinner to apply than I imagined. It did leave my skin feeling soft and I think it might have made my clearer as I was about to have a breakout.

I'm not unhappy with this months Glossybox but I am tired of 1ml perfume samples and anti-wrinkle creams!